Creative Arts, Production, & Technology Coordinator

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This position is responsible for creation of all Roxborough Church video content, gathering and overseeing a team of volunteers. He/She must be detail oriented, a gifted storyteller, passionately creative, an idea generator, and a servant leader who has the ability to produce excellent work while guiding the team in developing their own skills.

Part-Time: 20 Hours/Week, including Saturday Evening & Sunday Morning services

-Create a sustainable and reproducible system for recording and streaming video at Roxborough Church, and adapt that system as the church grows and our needs change. 
-Continually recruit for and lead the video team, which includes technical training, management and pastoral care. 
-Set timelines, manage expectations, and act as quality control for video delivery.
-Drive the development of all video projects, including live production (recording/streaming weekend services) and creative storytelling (testimony videos, vision videos, announcements, etc).
-Serve at the direction of the Lead Pastor (Ray).
-Gain experience through service, networking, and creative expression.
-Create a welcoming and engaging worship experience for every guest through the use of technology.
-Create and implement set design that helps to enhance the worship experience.
-Manage sound quality & production at all services.
-Manage Recording and Streaming at all services.
-Manage web access & technology needs for all staff across both   campuses.
-Reporting directly to the Lead Pastor (Ray).

Salary: $16,000
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